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I've been looking for a direct (and lightweight) alternative of Microsoft Paint on GNU/Linux with GNOME desktop. GIMP works too much like Photoshop. KolourPaint is on KDE. XPaint looks too much X'ish. Pinta is not lightweight at all (.NET required).

I've chosen GNU Paint as it most resembles MS Paint, and it's lightweight, works in GTK/GNOME environment and was widely distributed by GNU/Linux distros.

Goal of this project is to make GNU Paint feature and user compatible to Microsoft Paint 4.x/5.x as much as possible, without scracifing simplicity, lightweightness and manual-lessness. Also mitigating MS Paint's limitations (like Undo limits) along the way.

My patching codebase is rooted from Debian version of GNU Paint (gpaint_0.3.3-6).

Note about manual-lessness

One MUST NOT need a manual to use the improved GNU Paint (unless for undocumented features), as I didn't need one when I first learned MS Paint (Windows 95) back when I was a kid.

RTFM excuse is for expert-only software.

And no, I haven't used MS Paint on Windows Vista or above, so I'm going to make it resembles MS Paint on Windows 98/ME/XP, pure and simple, no ribbon attached.


This project is not meant to be a fork of GNU Paint, it's just a collection of my ongoing patchwork before I managed to get them upstream. If all of my wish was fufilled and upstream accepts all of changes, this project will be declared "Finished/Abandoned".

Please Note

My intention is to make GNU Paint a good pixel editor (as MS Paint did), not a photographic manipulator; if you wanted that, GIMP is your friend.